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The Humble Weekly Bundle: Zen Studios 3

The Humble community has contributed over $140 million to charity since 2010, making an amazing difference to causes all over the world.

This is a list of Xbox 360 games that were released via retail disk, digital download or as part of the Xbox Live Arcade (XBLA) program.

Although the roots of the computer virus date back as early as 1949, when the Hungarian scientist John von Neumann published the "Theory of self-reproducing automata" , [3] the first known computer virus appeared in 1971 and was dubbed the " Creeper virus ". [4] This computer virus infected Digital Equipment Corporation 's ( DEC ) PDP-10 mainframe computers running the TENEX operating system. [5] [6]

Infinispan is a distributed in-memory key/value data store with optional schema, available under the Apache License . It can be used both as an embedded Java library and as a language-independent service accessed remotely over a variety of protocols (Hot Rod, REST, Memcached and WebSockets). It offers advanced functionality such as transactions, events, querying and distributed processing as well as numerous integrations with frameworks such as the JCache API standard, CDI, Hibernate, WildFly, Spring Cache, Spring Session, Lucene, Spark and Hadoop.

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Unfortunately, enchanted arrows are as close to being useless in DA:O as it gets: early-game, they are scarce enough, while having a truly epic resistible +3 nature damage bonus from Arrow of Filth mid-game+, when your archer, if properly built, should be dealing consistent 100+ damage per crit, is not too impressive. Andraste's Arrows and Elf-Flight Arrow are the only enchanted arrow types to be taken seriously, but their very limited quantity and situational usefulness do not make them too attractive, either.

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Note that we run with local[2], meaning two threads - which represents “minimal” parallelism, which can help detect bugs that only exist when we run in a distributed context.

The game was originally developed by Snowball, who abandoned it in a very unfinished state, forcing Paradox to do some last-minute fixes before release; this makes the game exceedingly buggy and all but unplayable in its post-release state. Some furious activity both by the community (via modding) and Paradox Interactive itself (via both patching and the Deus Vult expansion) has rendered the game significantly more stable and fixed many of the gameplay mechanics.


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