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Horizon indicator for binary options

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On a conventional VOR indicator, left–right and to–from must be interpreted in the context of the selected course. When an HSI is tuned to a VOR station, left and right always mean left and right and TO/FROM is indicated by a simple triangular arrowhead pointing to the VOR. If the arrowhead points to the same side as the course selector arrow, it means TO , and if it points behind to the side opposite the course selector, it means FROM . The HSI illustrated here is a type designed for smaller airplanes and is the size of a standard 3 ¼-inch instrument. Airline and jet aircraft HSIs are larger and may include more display elements.

The knobs function.  The center knob adjusts the indexing indicator for the view angle of the pilot. The caging knob pulls out and turns to cage the gyro as it should. The instrument looks terrific and would make a wonderful display piece.

The horizontal situation indicator (commonly called the HSI) is an aircraft flight instrument normally mounted below the artificial horizon in place of a ...

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In net change planning only those materials are planned for which the net change planning indicator in the planning file has been set as a planning file entry. The system usually sets the indicator automatically as soon as a change is made to the material that is relevant to MRP.


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